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Simple Pest Management provides the Poway area with reliable & effective elimination of insects and rodents. We have pest control programs for all different types of residences including single family homes, condos, and apartment buildings. We also service commercial properties including food processing facilities, restaurants, schools, office buildings and many other types of locations. At Simple Pest Management, we go out of our way to tailor service to our customer’s specific needs; whether they are looking for year-round protection or a one-time service.

Simple Pest Management strives to exceed our client’s expectations, from the moment our technicians arrive. All of our technicians are uniformed; are licensed, bonded and insured. But beyond these basics, you will find that they are professionals and will treat your home as they would that if their own family. We use the latest technology available in the pest control industry and have the experience to understand how and when to use the advanced tools and when to use basic, old fashioned hard work.

This is the difference with our company. We understand that technology won’t always solve the problem if you don’t have skilled technicians in control.

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It is common for pests of different species to make way to buildings. One common assumed conception is that whenever pest control is mentioned, it is always about residential services. But in reality, it is not the case. Even offices and commercial places like warehouses, restaurants, hotels, spas, schools, museums, galleries, clinics, etc., are prone to infestation. Especially in the quarantine and lockdown times of the year 2020, all public spots were shut down for months. And when things became normal, and under control, all such places were opened after a long time.

Meanwhile, due to bolted doors, darkness, and humidity, pests found ample opportunity to attack such places. Resultantly, the need to contact Poway pest control professionals becomes of utmost significance to reverse the harm caused and prevent further disruptions.

Why is it better to seek outside pest control services rather than DIY?

Be it a household or workplace infestation, the experts in the field best handle it. DIY cleaning may sound cheaper and easier, but it may rather do more harm than good. The following quick points will make a lot of sense:-

  • Self disinfection chores are prone to errors, allergies, and toxic pesticides.
  • Outside people have advanced tools, effective sprays and are well-trained.
  • DIY pest control is short term, needs frequent repetitions, hence expensive.
  • Professional services last longer, need lesser repetition, hence, cost-effective.
  • DIY targets reachable spots but professionals target deepest and hidden corners.

These are just a few benefits to mention. The existing Poway pest control clients also suggest getting outside help rather than taking this crucial task into their own hands.

What are the different types of pest infestations that need professional help?

It might be a point of misconception or even unawareness that pest growth is restricted to termites or a limited number of categories. However, an efficient and proficient company will provide solutions to not just the commonest infestations but other less occurring situations. To name a few along with the need to seek professional control are as follows:-


  • What are they?

These are small bugs that fed on blood as their meal. Though they are usually associated with dogs, certain ticks can bite humans too. Coming from the family of spiders, they resemble spiders in appearance. They vary in size from as small as a pinhead to a bigger size like a coin. Wooden, warm, or bushy spots are the usual habitat for ticks.

  • What is the need for expert help?
  • The reason behind calling a professional Poway pest control team is that ticks usually escape the eyes of the people around.
    • Especially, walking your dog in parks can bring ticks home that cannot be spotted easily in the pet’s fur.
    • Ticks are infamous for transmitting sicknesses; namely, Lyme and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
    • Usually, people think ticks cannot hurt humans, but they can cause redness and even spread bacteria.
    • If untreated for more than two days, ticks clinging to the skin can lead to human infections too.
    • A certified team can trace and eliminate hidden ticks even from the unexposed spots to give you and your pet a safer environment.


  • What are they?

Fleas are another variant of bugs that are liable for irritating and infecting pets. Also known as plague carriers, these brownish and wingless parasites suck blood from their hosts. Standing water, food leftover, untidy corners, unkempt grass, and warmly dark areas are responsible for inviting fleas. They affect pets and humans adversely.

  • What is the need for expert help?
  • Skin issues like lasting allergies, excessive itching, and painful redness can occur while tackling fleas on your own, along with bacterial spread.
    • An experienced Poway pest control squad has the required products and techniques to remove fleas besides taking necessary precautions.
    • Fleas have powerful clawing ability making beds and pets the most vulnerable places for harmful infections.
    • Their bites are small, usually around feet and legs. Resultantly, they are mistaken as harmless mosquito bites that can turn into disease later.
    • DIY may not be effective in getting rid of such illness spreading bugs. But a certified staff can kick these bugs and diseases out of your place.


  • What are they?

Yes, even ants fall under this category of pest infestation. Often misconceived as a mere harmless nuisance, ants have more than 12,000 species. Crevices and holes at any place can bring out a huge number of ants that can attack humans badly. Even a small group can ruin the surroundings and make everything havoc.

  • What is the need for expert help?
  • Mind-boggling food loss and water contamination are the most probable ant intrusion outcomes at homes, offices, and any other place.
    • Pushing these parasites on your own is not easy as they keep coming back to the place that has been infested once. Hence, the need for Poway pest control help.
    • If left untreated, carpenter ants can even eat wooden fixtures and furniture. This, in turn, can bring heavy repairing expenses or even new installations.
    • Ants need to be exterminated from the deepest source. Even cracks and minutest holes need to be filled by trained people with advanced products.
    • DIY would not be effective, and the casual handlers may get bitten in the process. So, it is wise to take qualified assistance.

Key takeaways

Do not get carried away by what other uses say. Yes, credible certifications, the performer’s experience, online feedback, suggestions from friends, and other key factors help select the service provider. But, as a wise service user, one must not forget about the practical aspects and customized needs. Some follow-ups on the part of the user should be known in advance to avoid misunderstandings.

  • Discuss Budget- The internet might be praising a specific Poway pest control staff.But it might be too costly to make a hole in somebody’s pocket. Avoid calling a service provider straightaway without conducting queries about the prices. As a payer, you have to get a fair estimate and talk about every big or small expenditure that would add to the final billing amount.
  • Give Warnings- It is often overlooked but a highly significant thing on the part of the users. The getters must tell to abide by specified guidelines. It is necessary to communicate about pregnant women, crawling babies, roaming pets, allergic patients, sick occupants, or other sensitive people in the place so that the Poway pest control team can use odorless and non-toxic substances. 
  • Expected Reappearance- Many times, people complain about finding numb or dragging pests here and there. But it is to be remembered that it is normal. It is so because the pesticides and other products are showing results. Resultantly, the hidden cockroaches or rats come out from unexpected corners. So, the dwellers should not panic and wait for some time before complaining in haste.

Termites, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, and other pests can also brood around any living and working space. Though the availability of over the counter sprays looks cheaper and easier, they may not be as effective as Poway pest control specialists. Let these practiced and certified workers take care of the surroundings best for long-term results effortlessly.

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